Willunga Self Storage Units

Our self storage units are available in a number of sizes:

  • 6×3 (54 m3) Large capacity unit
  • 3×3 (25 m3) and 3×2 (16m3) Medium capacity units
  • 3×1.5 (14m3) and 2×2.5 (15m3) Small capacity units
  • External Spaces
  • 8 x 3.2  8×3.3 and 8×3.5 (you name your elbow room subject to availability)
  • All external spaces have access to the wash down area included in your rent
  • All sizes are nominal and the rental rates are based on the actual volume of the enclosed space not the plan size
  • Bitumen sealed roads around the units
  • Heavy duty insulation to the roof
  • Electronic pin activated gate, full security alarms to all roller doors
  • Clean and  fresh new facility
  • Willunga Storage Entrance Wall

    Willunga Storage is located in a secure location of beautiful Willunga.

  • Willunga Storage Washdown Hose

    Retractable hose for the external wash down area.

  • Willunga Storage Washdown Area

    Washdown area for external spaces included in your rent.

  • Willunga Storage Interior Units

    Small, medium and large units available for rent.

Willunga Storage